Dirty Vibezs available world wide tours

Dirty Vibezs available world wide tours 1


DirtyVibezs is a well-known club promoter surrounded by almost everything from Victoria Secrets models to many famous NY and Miami celebrities. Another factor that triggers Everon Clarke to establish DirtyVibezs is his love for club life. This is also the very same thing that makes the dance floor move and grooves themselves. He took up the challenge and then created the DirtyVibezs. After-hours DJ sets followed until this was described as legendary. The 12 am to 6 am has clearly being marked as the special territory of Dirty Vibezs.

Some people have the dance club scene in their blood.  Take rising New York DJ duo Dirty Vibezs, an OPEN FORMAT team, with deep roots in the New York and Miami club worlds.  Former popular promoter well known for having the best parties Dirty Vibezs are delivering the same kind of infectious energy behind the turntables in the most competitive of club environments.

Many would argue that New York is the king of club scenes and to be successful as a promoter in NYC shows a drive, personality and love for the music and lifestyle that's hard to bet against.  This is exactly where Everon Clarke  came up from when he started Dirty Vibezs – popular club promoter, known to be surrounded by everything from Victoria Secrets models to a “who's who” of NY and Miami celebrities.  The next natural step in he love for the club life was to make the dance floors move themselves, taking up the challenge and created Dirty Vibes.  After hours DJ sets have followed that are being described as “legendary” and 12 am to 6 am is clearly being marked as Dirty Vibezs' special territory.

According to the DJ's his deepest affection for good club music has been built around going to the best clubs in the world themselves, promoting at many of them and experiencing what the world's best DJ's can do to a dance floor first hand.  Now Dirty Vibezs is fulfilling the same kind of vision, and dance lovers couldn't be happier.